Using Instagram to Grow Your Business

March 13, 2018

Instagram is the new Facebook. Sleek, easy to navigate, and beautiful in its simplicity, Instagram connects the world by allowing users to share pictures and captions. For personal users, Instagram is a way to show friends and family important events, beautiful moments, and even random everyday objects. In a sense, Instagram allows users to host public scrapbooks that others can view and share.


Why It Matters



Instagram is a powerful tool for businesses. Allowing businesses to share photos of products, it offers customers a chance to see what a business does before ever even stepping through the door. Much more than that, however, by using hashtags and high quality photos, businesses can target customer groups that would otherwise not be reached through other means.


Instagram users are able to find and follow hashtags that interest them, and posts

posted to those hashtags show up in the user’s feed. By using hashtags and witty captions in posts, businesses can target potential customers who already have an interest in the niche. This allows businesses to reach Instagram users who are already likely to be interested in that specific area of products or services.


What’s more, using Instagram is free. The only costs involved in using Instagram to get the word out about your business are those invested in the quality of the photos and other images that a business posts. Because millions of photos are posted to Instagram every day, it’s important that images are able to stand out from the crowd and catch the eye of potential customers.


Build a Community


Once customers have been engaged enough to like a picture, it’s important to keep them involved on your Instagram page. To do this, a good Instagram page will have a few dozen high quality pictures that other users can flip through to see if a page is worth a follow. By following an Instagram page, users are essentially signing up to see more of a page’s content, meaning they like what’s on it and want to see more.


Businesses need to take the opportunity of a platform like Instagram not just to attract potential customers with good pictures, but to actually build a community. Building a community on Instagram means keeping the same people coming back to your page and giving them opportunities to get involved in the comments sections of posts. Ideally,


customers should feel involved and engaged on social media. In an online world, customer community building on social media is the replacement for having them walk through a physical storefront. The experience should be similar.


By visiting the Instagram page of a business, potential customers should be able to see what the business does, what products they offer, and how much they care about what they do. A well-run business Instagram account will be able to accurately display what it offers its customers, while showing that it cares.


Take Your Business to the Next Level


Instagram is a powerful and effective tool that businesses can use to grow their customer base and increase sales. Effective use of the social media platform will build a customer community that keeps the same loyal customers involved and active. Great photos, attention to detail, and a passion for customer care is why businesses choose me to manage and operate their Instagram accounts. By taking advantage of the great tools and wide range of people on a platform like Instagram, a business is able to be taken to the next level in order to meet its goals.


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