Ink Review: Montblanc Irish Green

June 25, 2018


I have to begin this review by first editorializing a bit about what Montblanc has been up to recently with their line up of fountain pen inks. Lately, the iconic brand has been putting out new bottles of ink at very high prices. One of their newest lines of fountain pen inks now cost upwards of $70 per 50ml bottle. Their strategy seems to be extending to their limited edition inks, with prices shooting up across the board. As an avid fountain pen and ink user, and as a fan of the Montblanc brand, I always considered it fun to collect the different special edition inks as they came out. Unfortunately, Montblanc's new pricing strategy has made it difficult for me to justify purchasing each one as they are released. Many other writers feel the same way. Montblanc's higher ink prices are alienating their core following of fountain pen fans and further reinforcing their reputation as an out of touch and overpriced luxury brand. To preserve their loyal following of collectors and fans, Montblanc should lower their prices (they were set at a premium before anyway) and cut the size of their special edition ink bottles back down to 35 ml to better appeal to collectors.



With all the Montblanc criticism aside, they do make some exceedingly nice inks for fountain pens, and Irish Green is no exception. Part of Montblanc's regular lineup of inks, Irish Green is always available in the brand's flagship and iconic "boot-shaped" ink bottles that look great on a desk and make filling up a pen delightfully easy.


Seeing as the vast majority of Montblanc pen users operate in a corporate setting, I'm not sure just how popularly this ink sells. It is a vibrant and bright green that in my mind would be out of place in a formal business setting, but nonetheless it has remained a part of the brand's regular ink lineup for the last several years.



Starting with the color, Montblanc's Irish Green is a true vibrant green with hints of yellow. This is a color that truly pops off a page. When used on off-white or ivory paper, there is an air of elegance to the writing that almost has to be seen in person to be believed. Irish Green has a fair amount of shading on the page, even when used in a medium nib, helping add a certain flair that lets your readers know that you didn't just pick up any old ballpoint pen.


As with any Montblanc ink, the performance is nothing short of spectacular. Not too wet, not too dry, this ink has the perfect amount of cushion between the nib and the page and keeps up well to even fast writing. The best part about it? It's easy to clean out of a pen. The longer that I write with fountain pens, the more I have begun to lose patience with inks that cling to the pen's insides and take ages to flush out. I have a growing appreciation for low-maintenance inks that don't cause headaches when the pen runs dry and you want to change out the colors.



I don't normally have any expectations that my inks be water-resistant. Most of the time, I do my writing at my desk indoors free from any elements (except an occasional spilled drink) that may wet my page. For those out there who need their inks to be water-resistant, steer well clear of this ink. As you can see in the photos above, I made two scribbles with the ink and exposed one of the scribbles to a drop of water for about 5 seconds before wiping it off. In 5 seconds, the ink almost completely washed away in the area exposed to water so I can only imagine what a sudden rainstorm would do. There are plenty of great water-resistant green inks out there, but unfortunately, Montblanc Irish Green is not one of them.



I have been using Montblanc Irish Green for some years now and I have to say, I have loved it for the whole time. The bottle, as with all Montblanc ink bottles, is beautifully made and easy to use. the color is bright, vibrant, and deep (not to mention it comes in handy around Christmas Time). I will definitely be buying another bottle when this one runs dry.


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