The Purpose and Future of This Website

July 9, 2018


As a relatively young man, and especially as an undergraduate student of Political Science, I am in a unique position in the course of my life. I have, as any young person should, naturally spent a great deal of time considering what I want to do with the years that lie ahead of me. I have become acutely aware of the finite nature of time, and even more so of what I consider to be wastes of that time. It has become increasingly apparent to me that a fulfilling life means doing what you love with conviction and with dedication. It is with this in mind that I began this website; to post, share and develop my skills as a thinker, communicator, and writer.


The more reading that I do of some of the greatest writers throughout history, the more I realize the extent of my shortcomings as a burgeoning writer. One of the central purposes of this website is to serve as an outlet for my written work, and a place to showcase that work for the few people who may be interested in it. As it stands now, there are about a dozen weekly visitors to this site, most of whom I assume are family and friends. I don't have any illusions about the fact that I will most likely never have an international or large readership, but one never knows what lies ahead. Writing full time about political issues and current affairs is a dream of mine that I hope to be able to accomplish sometime after I graduate from the University of Windsor. Hopefully, my work on this website will bring me closer to realizing that dream and forming a full time career as a columnist.


Until I am able to write full time, I am trying my best to write at least one blog post each week (on Mondays) and publish it to the site. I can't promise to stick to any one topic; I find it very difficult to focus on one single thing for a long time. Readers of this website will be sure to find anything from book reviews, fountain pen articles, to political commentary, and even random thoughts.


In the future, I look to write about wine and fine spirits, but that won't come about until the late fall.


This website was originally created to expand my business as a freelance writer, but it has grown far beyond that in my mind's eye. I see it now as a valuable opportunity to hone my skills and connect with like-minded people through the topics I love.


Life truly is too short not to do what we love. For me, that means writing in a focused and disciplined way in order to get better at it. Regardless of what the future may hold, writing will forever be a focus of my life. The purpose of this website is simple: To share my work and passion with the world. The future of this website is uncertain, but it will be sure to include a haphazard selection of topics that are wide-ranging. I would be glad to have you along for the ride.


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