A Writer's Perspective: Shelby Foote

January 21, 2019


As I'm currently in the midst of working on several exciting projects for the blog, I thought I would take this week off of writing a full length article. I'm planning a couple of exciting interviews as well as more ink and pen reviews, so keep your eyes open for those. In the meantime, I thought I would take the opportunity to share a video that I found to be extremely interesting.


While not particularly well known, Shelby Foote is a Southern writer who focused his career on writing about the Civil War. Many may recognise him as a guest expert on Ken Burn's 1990 documentary series on the Civil War. The documentary brought attention to his three part book trilogy on the Civil War, a work on an epic scale that totalled more than 1.5 million words. His books are not that well known when compared to other authors, but even so, he is considered one of the foremost experts on the American Civil War. 


The video is on the long side, but I found it to be worth every minute. The most touching part of the entire interview comes when Foote describes his friendship with his late friend and fellow Southern writer Walker Percy and what they meant to each other. He discusses his day to day job as a writer, and various other aspects of his full and fascinating life.


As someone who is myself interested in writing and reading, the interview was a fascinating discussion of the writing process and how writers tend to live their day to day lives. All in all, though the interview certainly won't appeal to everyone, I found it to be both insightful and beautifully spoken.

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